8 06, 2016

As Your Dog Gets Older

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Older dogs need special consideration – just like older people. It is important to realise that the ageing process varies immensely with breed. For example, a Great Dane may be starting to age at 8 years, while a Yorkshire Terrier of 15 may still be very sprightly. We aim in this information sheet to give you some guidelines [...]

8 06, 2016

As Your Cat Gets Older

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Older cats need special consideration – just like older people. Due to improved nutrition and veterinary care our pet cats are now living longer. The average cat now reaches late teens and some cats live to twenty and beyond. We aim in this information sheet to give you some guidelines on how to care for your elderly cat, what [...]

30 05, 2016

Summer 2016 Newsletter

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Getting a new pet is an exciting time and there will be a lot to think about. Once you have collected your new puppy or kitten, please bring them in to see us! We offer a free Puppy or Kitten check with the veterinary surgeon before they start their vaccinations and we are happy to discuss any of [...]

26 02, 2016

Spring 2016 Newsletter

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With effect from April 2016, it will be compulsory for ALL dogs to be microchipped. The new law will mean that every dog in England and Scotland will have to be microchipped in a bid to help reunite people with lost or stolen pets and track down the owners of vicious or illegal dogs. What [...]

1 12, 2015

Winter 2015 Newsletter

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The Meridian Pet Health Club started in February 2012 and has become more and more popular as we have grown over the past 3 years. The benefits of being in our healthcare plan include: annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment along with a six month health check-up, unlimited nail clips and anal sac expressions with the nurse and [...]

30 11, 2015

Christmas At Meridian Vets

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We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will be closed for the bank holidays over the Christmas period from 25th until 28th December. Vetcall in Brighton will be open 24 hours should you need any advice or assistance. This year we will be supporting a number of Charities and local [...]

8 09, 2015

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

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Benefits of regularly grooming your pet In addition to the regular health check your pet receives from us, it’s a great idea to perform some form of routine grooming/examination yourself. Get your pet used to you examining their eyes, ears, teeth, feet and giving them a general check-over. This way you can better detect any problems at an [...]

5 06, 2015

Dog Vaccination

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We recommend that your dog is vaccinated against: Distemper a mainly respiratory disease which is usually fatal Parvovirus which causes severe sickness and diarrhoea and is often fatal Adenovirus which causes serious often fatal liver disease Leptospirosis which causes liver and kidney infections and can be spread to humans Parainfluenza one of the components of [...]