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Medicines and your pets

We are very lucky that as we head further into the 21st century, vets have many excellent and safe drugs available to them.  Here at Meridian, veterinary medicines improve welfare and quality of life for thousands of our patients every year. We effectively and safely treat or control wide ranging conditions.  Examples include heart disease, [...]

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Dog Castration

Neutering a male dog (castration) involves surgically removing the male dog’s testicles. Castration reduces unwanted pregnancies and may reduce aggressiveness, roaming and undesirable urine marking. It may also reduce the development of prostate problems, anal tumours and hernias. Sometimes we have to castrate a dog if there is a testicle tumour or infection. We recommend [...]

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Worms and your pet

There are 2 basic types of worm your dog or cat can get – roundworms and tapeworms. Of the roundworms Toxocara are the real problem.  This is because if children get infected with Toxocara they can go blind.  Toxocara has more recently been associated with asthma in children. How do you know if your pet [...]

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