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Winter 2015 Newsletter

The Meridian Pet Health Club started in February 2012 and has become more and more popular as we have grown over the past 3 years. The benefits of being in our healthcare plan include: annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatment along with a six month health check-up, unlimited nail clips and anal sac expressions with the nurse and [...]

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Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Benefits of regularly grooming your pet In addition to the regular health check your pet receives from us, it’s a great idea to perform some form of routine grooming/examination yourself. Get your pet used to you examining their eyes, ears, teeth, feet and giving them a general check-over. This way you can better detect any problems at an [...]

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Dog Vaccination

We recommend that your dog is vaccinated against: Distemper a mainly respiratory disease which is usually fatal Parvovirus which causes severe sickness and diarrhoea and is often fatal Adenovirus which causes serious often fatal liver disease Leptospirosis which causes liver and kidney infections and can be spread to humans Parainfluenza one of the components of [...]

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This article is designed to give you information about arthritis and how to take the best care of a pet suffering from the problem.  For the purpose of this article, where we say arthritis we mean osteoarthritis.  There are other less common types of arthritis which are not covered.   What arthritis means Arthritis means inflamed [...]

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