Let’s Talk… Fleas Worms and Ticks!!

Here at Meridian Vets, we are constantly reviewing all our parasitic prevention protocols to make sure we’re always using what we feel are the very best, most effective, and safest products for you and your four-legged friends.

There currently isn’t, and frustratingly probably never will be, a product that kills all parasites in one go, which is why we do the next best thing and use two products together. The treatments below have been summarised to show exactly which parasites are covered by each product.


Nexgard Spectra: Covers prevention of fleas, ticks, roundworm, lungworm and other parasites all in a palatable tablet which is easy to administer every month. Nexgard Spectra can be safely used with Veloxa to cover tapeworms making these two products our recommended protection for dogs. Unlike Advocate, Nexgard Spectra is not a ‘spot on’ there is no chance of it getting washed or rubbed off so you don’t need to worry about dogs swimming or getting wet after application.

Veloxa: Covers prevention of tapeworms and roundworms and should ideally be given at least every 6 months. It is recommended to give Nexgard Spectra and Veloxa at least a week apart.

Advocate: Still a useful product covering roundworm and lungworm as well as fleas, but within a monthly topical application, and can be used with Veloxa to cover tapeworms. Unlike Nexgard Spectra, Advocate does not provide effective cover against ticks.

Milbemax: Covers prevention of tapeworm, roundworm, and lungworm. If you are using Nexgard Spectra there’s no need to use Milbemax as Nexgard Spectra with Veloxa cover all of these. If you don’t use a flea product Milbemax should be used every 3 months as a wormer.


Advocate: Still recommended every month for cats. This is a topical application that prevents fleas and roundworms, and should be used with Drontal to provide cover against tapeworms. Advocate however does not kill ticks.

Drontal: Comes in tablet form and prevents both round and tapeworms. Drontal should be given at least every 6 months if using Advocate or every 3 months if not. Tapeworm infestations are
often common in cats that hunt so indoor cats may need worming less often.

Joana Dias—Veterinary Surgeon

I joined Meridian Vets early this year (2017). I have been really well received by everyone who made me feel very welcome in the team.

Originally I was employed for Jessica’s maternity leave but I am pleased I will be staying on permanently after Jessica’s return. Originally I am from Lisbon, Portugal where I’ve worked as a vet for around 5 years, doing mainly emergency work in a Vet Hospital near home. I then moved to the UK in the beginning of 2014, as I wanted to progress my career and acquire new skills. I first moved to London where I lived for a few months until I got my first job in Eastbourne. I really wanted to live by the sea and close to Gatwick airport so I could get home easily to visit my family.

The main difference I noticed as soon as I arrived in the UK was the way pets were treated, in comparison to Portugal. Not because we don’t love animals but in Portugal we have an enormous population of stray dogs and cats. Every rescue centre in Portugal is overloaded and can’t possibly take on any more animals so far more cats and dogs live as stray animals. Veterinary charities in Portugal also survive on extremely low budgets and are generally understaffed. Arriving in the UK it was absolutely amazing to see how an animal loving society could make our jobs as vets feel so important and respected.

I love my job as a Veterinary Surgeon and I have a special interest in Feline Medicine and in managing chronic conditions like diabetes, skin allergies, arthritis, etc. It’s a joy to be able to work with animals every day and although it’s a lot of hard work, it’s also extremely rewarding.

I live with my partner in a little countryside house in Offham (just outside Lewes). We have 2 lovely cats – Mia and Bee. They were both rescued cats: Mia suffers from a skin allergy which can be challenging at times, as this is a condition that can be affected by several internal and external factors.  We also have 3 very noisy guinea pigs girls – Flash, Banoffee Pie and Peanut Butter.

When I am not working, I like spending time in the garden, go for long walks in the countryside or explore towns I haven’t yet visited. I love this area of England as we are so close to everything – the countryside, big cities like Brighton and London, and also the seaside. It’s a pleasure to have become part of such a great team of really loving and passionate individuals, and I only hope I’ll be able to fulfil everyone’s high standards and expectations.

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