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Winter 2018/19 Newsletter

Here at Meridian Veterinary Practice, we are committed to providing quality veterinary care to the local community Our Facilities We are proud of our facilities which include a modern operating theatre, X-ray and Ultrasound suite, laboratory for blood and urine tests also separate dog and cat wards which play a huge part to our patients [...]

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

With the imminent arrival of spring in Sussex, many of us will be looking forward to spending more time outdoors – as will our cats and dogs. But did you know that our gardens harbour an array of pet health hazards? Warmer weather and lighter evenings equal more time spent enjoying our gardens. But while [...]

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Microchipping & Reunuiting Pets

Microchipping your pets is very important as a responsible pet owner and for dog owners it's been law to have your dog chipped since April 2016. The process of microchipping is very quick, relatively painless, and inexpensive especially considering it's often the only way of you being reunited with your pet. When stray pets are brought [...]

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When The Time Comes To Say Goodbye

The loss of a much loved pet is something terrible which all of us pet owners have to face at some time.  All the staff here at Meridian will do everything we can to make this awful time more bearable for you and your family. Most people do unfortunately have to make the decision to [...]

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Sickness & Diarrhoea

Dogs are most often sick because they eat something which upsets their stomach. This could be a rotten dead animal or discarded piece of food which they find when out walking. If something is really rotten and covered in bacteria, just a small mouthful will be enough to make the dog ill. Cats tend to be more selective in what [...]

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Having Your Cat Neutered

Neutering is an operation to remove the ovaries and womb of a female cat (spaying) or the testicles of a male cat (castration). After the operation the female cannot have kittens and the male cannot father kittens. Neutering stops unwanted litters of kittens from being born. There are also good health reasons for the operation. Diseases such as FIV [...]

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