Veterinary Drugs & Medicines

Veterinary Surgeons have to comply with strict guidelines when prescribing medicines. These guidelines are set by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate to protect animal health, human health, and the environment.

Our drugs are fully tested. We know how they work. We know how they interact with the body and with other veterinary drugs. We know about potential side effects. We also know your pet’s medical history. We use all this information, coupled with an examination of you pet (and tests if needed) to prescribe the appropriate drug for your pet.

We effectively and safely treat or control a wide range of conditions. Examples include heart disease, epilepsy, arthritis, thyroid problems, and various infections.

Most drugs we prescribe are prescription only. This means that you cannot buy them ‘off the shelf’. A qualified veterinary surgeon has to examine your pet before we can give you prescription drugs. This is the law. We think this is very important as we have to ensure that the right drug is given in each case.

If your pet is unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with a condition which requires continued medication – the following points may be helpful to you:

  • Certain medications can only be given one month at a time. This is because of safety and the possibility of any overdosing.
  • You may be able to collect repeat supplies of drugs without bringing your pet to the surgery every month.
  • Your pet will need regular check-ups with a vet for us to be able to continue to dispense medication long term.

In most cases, we will need to see your pet at least every 3-6 months. Although this is a legal requirement, we genuinely feel that these medicine checks are very important for us to be able to continue to provide specifically tailored care to your pet – especially when you realise six months of a pet’s life is equivalent to approximately three years of yours!

Please give us at least 24 hours notice before you intend to collect medication or a prescription. You can order by phone or our website by clicking here.

The vet in charge of your pet needs to look at your pet’s clinical notes before any prescription can be written or drugs can be dispensed. The vet will need to ensure that the dose of the medication is still appropriate & that the medication remains the best one available for your pet’s condition. This process takes time. Our vets will try and complete medication and prescription requests as soon as possible.

Don’t forget we do offer a free delivery service so you can have your medications delivered to your door every Wednesday afternoon!

Meridian Welcomes our new Vet Sarah Francis

We are very excited to welcome Sarah to our Meridian team from 20th January. Sarah has more than 25 years’ experience as a vet and has worked and lived Eastbourne for the past 6 years. Sarah has written in to tell us all about herself:

I was born in Lincolnshire (so were Margaret Thatcher! and Alfred Tennison) My family emigrated to Australia when I was a young child. I am the middle child of three. My sister is a bonsai potter and my younger brother works in a book shop.

I left school at the age of 15 with no qualifications to go into catering but did a lot of different jobs before I ended up working in the Kennels at the Guide Dogs Association for the Blind in Melbourne. I met and worked with a vet from the University vet school and became interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. I had to complete the equivalent of A-levels by correspondence whilst working full-time in the kennels. I then undertook 2 years of a science degree before finally switching to a vet degree. I graduated as a mature student from the University of Melbourne in 1994.

I returned to England after graduating 25 years ago and I have been here ever since. I like to occasionally travel to Australia to visit my family who still lives there. I have also discovered “voluntourism”- holidays where you go and volunteer with the local community.

I have worked entirely in small animal practice (I am scared of horses!!) and have particular interests in medicine, nutrition, and dermatology. I am currently undertaking a certificate in small animal medicine.

I have also worked in the Pet food and pharmaceutical industries and have a master’s degree in International Business Administration.

I am currently the owner (or servant) of an 18-year-old tortoiseshell cat called Muffin who came to the clinic for euthanasia over 2 years ago, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances. I was able to offer her a home instead. I have in the past, been owned by 3 cats and a dog. One day in the future, I hope to acquire another dog. I adore cats so the dog might have to share. I also have a particular soft spot for Labradors!

When I am not working, I love reading, writing, cooking, eating my cooking, cycling, kayaking and walking on the downs. I like listening to and playing music. I collect musical instruments and can make recognisable noises from most of them (not all!) but I am very self-conscious about trying to play them and upsetting my neighbours!! So my goal is to one day have a sound-proofed music room.

I try and keep fit doing Tae Kwon Do and have a black belt. I have had a break from it but I am hoping to get back to it and get my second dan soon. I love football and a big Arsenal fan, which I hear Stephen Speak will be pleased about!

I am really looking forward to a change of scenery and to meeting the people and their pets of Peacehaven.