Microchipping your pets is very important as a responsible pet owner and for dog owners it’s been law to have your dog chipped since April 2016. The process of microchipping is very quick, relatively painless, and inexpensive especially considering it’s often the only way of you being reunited with your pet.

When stray pets are brought into us at Meridian Vets one of the first things we do, after an initial clinical examination, is scan the animal using one of our many microchip scanners. Often the lost pet is chipped, the details read, and the microchip database contacted immediately to obtain the owner’s details.

More often than not the lost pet’s owner is contacted and they come down to Meridian Vets and their pet is reunited and returned after a few minutes. However there are some occasions when the pet isn’t microchipped or the details on the chip are old and haven’t been updated. Often after change of ownership/address, etc.

When microchip details aren’t kept up to date, which is always the owner’s responsibility, it’s often impossible to reunite the pet with its owner as we have no way of contacting them. Furthermore collars and tags are unreliable means of identification as they are often removed when pets are involved in road traffic accidents or even stolen.

We can’t stress enough both the practical and legal the importance of microchipping your pets and especially making sure your contact details are kept up to date.

If you’d like your pet microchipped then please call us to make an appointment on 01273 585386, you’ll even get 50% off if you’re a member of our popular Pet Health Club.