Services + Fees

At Meridian Veterinary Practice we aim to use the most up-to-date techniques and equipment available – providing the highest possible standard of veterinary care to our patients within the constraints of general practice.

We are happy to discuss our fees with our clients and can provide estimates for treatment on request. All surgery and in-patient procedures are carried out on-site.

Consultation Fees

First consultation: £41.79
Further consultation: £34.79
Prescription medication check: £37.79
Rabbit / Guinea Pig / Ferret/ Parrot / Reptile consultation: £32.79
Small Pet / Small bird consultation: £23.79


Annual health check + vaccinations
Dog: £46.99
Kennel Cough vaccination: £34.99

Cat (flu/enteritis only): £49.99
Cat (flu/enteritis/leukaemia): £49.99

Rabbits (myxomatosis & HVD combined): £36.99

Rabies: £59.99
Pet Passport Issued: £49.99

Puppy [combined health check + vaccination]
Cost per injection: £39.99
* A puppy will need a course of two injections

Kitten [combined health check + vaccination]
Cost per injection: £45.99
*A kitten will need a course of two injections

Nurse clinic Appointments

Nail Clipping Dog: £13.99
Nail Clipping Cat: £9.99
Express anal sacs Dog: £13.99
Clipping/combing (conscious pet): £13.99

There is no charge for the above nurse clinic appointments to our Pet Health Club members. Visit our Pet Club page for more information or see our Nurses Clinic leaflet in reception for more details.

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Dog Castration (depending on bodyweight)
Small dog (up to 10kgs): £175.99
Medium dog (10-20kgs): £195.99
Large dog (20-40kgs): £219.99
X Large dog (40kgs and over): £239.99

Bitch Spay (depending on bodyweight)
Small dog (up to 10kgs): £229.99
Medium dog (10-20kgs): £259.99
Large dog (20-40kgs): £289.99
X Large dog (40kgs and over): £339.99

Cat Castrate: £69.99
Cat Spay: £98.99
Rabbit Castrate: £99.99
Rabbit Spay: £129.99

All Pet Health Club members receive 10% off all our products and Fees

Additional services

Microchipping: £19.99 (Pet Health Club members receive 50% off)
Routine ultrasound examination: £69.99
Written prescriptions: £11.50
Completion of insurance claim form: £5.95
Completion of on-going insurance claim form: £4.95
X-rays: Our vets will provide an estimate as costs can vary depending on the weight of your pet & the number of x-rays needed to obtain a diagnosis.


We make no attempt to be the lowest priced practice in the area, but charge what we feel is necessary to provide the highest level of care.