Here at Meridian we are able to issue your Pets Passport. Under current regulations for EEC travel your pet needs to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

You may contact the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) on 01737 242242 or the PETS Helpline on 0870 2411710 helpful in giving advice about the different travel requirements for each individual country.

  • As of January 2012 a single Rabies vaccination will allow your pet to travel after 21 days. All pets must be microchipped. Your pet is then free to enter the UK at any time providing it has been given the necessary parasite treatment.
  • Please be aware that some EU countries may insist on yearly rabies boosters even though the vaccine we use lasts for three years. This means that even if you have a current pet passport your pet may still need a further rabies vaccination before you travel.
  • Before entering the UK all DOGS must be treated for tapeworm. The treatment must be administered by a vet not less than 24 hours and not more than 120 hours (1-5days) before its scheduled arrival time in the UK. There is no mandatory requirement for tick treatment.
  • We strongly advise you to check the specific requirements of places you plan to visit with DEFRA before your journey.
  • Only certain routes can be used to bring your pet back into the UK and only certain companies are approved to transport your pet under the scheme. You can ring the PETS Helpline for details.  You will need to book your journey in advance.

The vet who administers this treatment will update your Pet Passport to show this has been done.  You will also have to fill in a form to declare that you have not taken your pet outside the PETS qualifying countries.  You can get a copy of this form by ringing the PETS Helpline, or from the transport company carrying your pet.

A month before you travel, we recommend you bring your pet to see one of our nurses for a free microchip scan as, very occasionally, the microchip can move under the skin away from the implantation site.  This will also allow an opportunity to discuss how to protect your pet from diseases your pet may encounter while abroad.

As the pet owner it is your responsibility to make sure that the boosters are kept up to date. Be aware that your pet insurance policy may not be valid outside the UK.  If you are concerned you will need to check with your insurance company before leaving.

The welfare of your pet is paramount. We advise you to consider carefully things like long car journeys and high temperatures before deciding to take your pet on holiday. Our vets will be happy to discuss this with you if you wish.